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The Difference between Tablet and Traditional POS System: Which One is a Better Option for Your Business

Read this article and discover the difference between a tablet and traditional point of sale system! Determine which system is more suitable for you and your business!

Quick Introduction to POS or Point-of-Sale System

The POS systems or point of sale systems have given the restaurant industry, as well as, the retail industry a huge boost over the last couple of years. As the technology proceeds to develop and advance, the opportunities that come with it will develop as well, such as improved payment methods, faster service, internet integration, and etc.

Gone are the days of scribbling orders on a pad and passing the confusing and barely-readable checks through the kitchen. Even the smaller cafes, restaurants, and bars can benefits from the POS system if they choose to embrace this technology and all the advantages it provides.

The real question on most restaurants and cafes minds is – If I am going to invest in a quality point of sale system, should I stay traditional or should I go mobile. There are no rules here. The truth is it all depends on the type of restaurant or business you are running and whether or not your type of services required to use a device, for example, an iPad or tablet to complete the orders.

In order to help you make that decision, we are going to present you the pros and cons for both tablet-based and traditional POS systems. Discover the difference between these two systems and you will be able to determine which system is better for you.



Tablet POS VS. Traditional Point-of-Sale System

Both systems, tablet-based POS system and traditional POS system have a lot of functions and capabilities that are an important asset to your restaurant business and operation. Some of these functions are:

  • Making reservations
  • Splitting tabs for payments
  • Setting up tables or open tickets
  • Delivery or takeout features
  • Payment processing via card, cash, and check
  • Custom printing
  • Sales reporting and forecasting
  • Inventory control
  • Waste management

All of these functions are of a huge importance to restaurant owners as they speed up the service and allow servers to be more responsible and flexible when it comes to their daily duties. Here is one example of how the point of sale system helps the server do the job quicker and more efficiently – Let’s say that you need to split the check. Before the POS system was used in restaurants, this would have caused a huge problem for anyone who doesn’t have time and energy to do mathematic at the moment. The POS system can easily split a check in a matter of seconds and in any number of ways, with no issues at all.

  • Mobility – The biggest difference between a tablet and traditional POS system is in the area of mobility. The tablet POS systems allow servers to be more flexible and to take orders and payments tableside, while with the traditional POS systems, the servers are usually running back and forth between the tables.
  • Security – With the newer systems or the tablet-based POS system, the possibility to get stolen is pretty low, while with traditional POS systems the thieves could target the cash drawers without a problem as they are always on display.
  • Reporting – The POS systems are truly a gift for the managers and owners as their feature to help manage inventory, control waste, produce reports, and predict sales. Both, tablet and traditional POS systems have these abilities.

All businesses are different, so there is no strict answer when it comes to which POS system is better for you. What is important is that you implement the system that will allow your business an opportunity to profit and thrive.




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